Hive Africa is a global community of conscious leaders, CEOs and entrepreneurs who are collaborating on creating a better world which is based around authentic community, global inclusion, and meaningful purpose.

Hive Africa provides a transformative Global Leaders Program (GLP) on leadership community, integrating elements of entrepreneurship, purpose, life design, wellness, the arts, authentic relating, personal development, and global systems thinking.

The Hive Africa Global Leaders Program is a 4-days immersive training and experience that hosts leaders from across the world to a bouquet of mindfulness, purpose, entrepreneurship and networking. Since it began in Africa 11 years ago after the global front in 2014, yesterday was the first Hive Africa Community Support Award given, and the winner went to Naomi Osemedua.

Naomi Osemedua is a Global media strategist, a TEDX Speaker, an Amazon bestseller, and the founder of The Women with Stories International. It was a surprise when she was called up, having been invited as a speaker as also a Board member for the global movement.

Naomi was recognised for her immense contribution to Hive Africa and actively inspiring change drawing from her philosophy of “why be local when you can be global” and is on a journey to die empty.

She has been in the limelight due to her grass to grace story of finding her voice from being a nursing mother and now an internationally sought after speaker.

Great award to a well deserving icon indeed.