Working as a nurse can be a very rewarding career. However, doing the same thing without trying anything new can get boring, especially if you’re just being told what to do by other people. If you want to advance your career and perhaps take on some new responsibilities, there are various ways you could do so.

Choose a Specialty

Is there a particular field of nursing that you’re interested in? If you’re curious about pediatric nursing or you’re considering becoming a psychiatric nurse, you could explore the opportunities available for training in a certain specialty. It can help you develop some skills that are in high demand.

Find a Mentor

Finding someone to mentor you is a great way to advance your career in any field, including in nursing. More experienced and senior nurses can teach you a lot and could help you to set some goals for your career.

Grow Your Network

As well as finding a mentor, you could find it beneficial to build a network of useful contacts. Networking helps you to make the right connections at different organizations and could give you access to some great opportunities that you otherwise might miss out on. You can consider joining professional nursing associations as a starting point.

Gain Your Doctorate

Continuing your education is an excellent way to advance your career in nursing. A Doctor of Nursing is one option if you want to build your knowledge and have access to some new opportunities. You can even complete a course online to gain the qualification.

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