Toxic relationships are harmful to our overall well-being and mental health. We live in a world where having a great support system feels great but, what happens when the same person you trust and love starts to torment and hurt you? A toxic relationship is any relationship that does not benefit your emotional well-being and diminishes your self-esteem and self-worth.

We all strive for a happy ending and sometimes leaving a toxic relationship can be hard because of how complicated it gets due to the level of mixed feelings and complex emotions and thoughts. We know it’s tough but not as tough as remaining in the relationship. You may need to get help and protection if your partner is abusive because your safety should always come first. But, here are three reasons why you shouldn’t remain in that toxic relationship.

1. It’s not good for your mental health

Staying in a toxic and abusive relationship is bound to affect your mental health and this may come in different forms that you may not be aware of. Most people who have had to go through the emotional trauma of being in a toxic relationship are often advised to visit a therapist or psychologist to avoid the negative effects or repercussions. Remember that your health matters and if you want to keep yourself free from anything that will drain you mentally, you have to learn to let go.

2. You may lose your confidence

The most important thing anyone can wear is their confidence. The level of your confidence often determines the kind of things you attract in life. Toxic relationships have the ability to tarnish our self-confidence and self-esteem if we permit it too. Most people who go through a toxic relationship have lost confident in who they are and who they ought to be. Some have given and their voice has been shut down because they’ve not been able to recover fully from what they experienced. The best thing is to let go and think of better ways to move on with your life.

3. Your life is so much more

Life may have happened to you and you may be thinking of what good does this thing serve me? There is so much good out there for you if only you learn to let go. Remember that your struggles are part of your story too and they will all turn out for a greater purpose. You have to recover from that situation and find what works best for you in order to find a healthier and more fulfilling future.