Health coaching allows you to pursue your passion for educating and helping more people to have a healthier lifestyle. And with most people’s way of life these days, the world needs more health coaches to motivate, support, and help people make positive health changes that they can keep for a long time.

Unlike other health professions, many myths surround health coaching. We already know what doctors, nurses, and dentists do, but many fail to realize what the real deal is with health coaches. If you aspire to become one, then you should get past the common myths and learn about the truth behind each one.


Myth #1: You can easily make money out of health coaching

Just because you successfully earned your online health coach diploma doesn’t mean that you’ll start earning big bucks asap. Like any profession, you need to establish a name for yourself before you can earn lots of money. You need to be patient, try several strategies to build your business, and catch and retain clients before you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Myth #2: Health coaches hold only one-on-one sessions in an office

Health coaches are not limited to an office setup. Where they work or meet with clients will depend on the preference of their clients and their availability. You can conduct your 45-minute session in your office, at a cafe, or even via Skype. You can also conduct group sessions where you gather a number of your clients at a time and encourage conversations with the group. Of course, you can recommend a group session, and your clients can choose to attend this or opt for a one-on-one consultation.

Myth #3: You cannot be a health coach if you are not in excellent health

This is one misleading myth everyone should stop believing. It is true that for you to be a health coach, you need to have a medical background. However, just because you have your own struggles does not mean you can no longer make your dream come true and start helping other people as a health coach. One does not necessarily need to be healthy just to become a health coach. People want health coaches to be authentic and empathetic. So if you have knowledge and experience to share, don’t let your imperfections stop you from achieving your goals.

Myth #4: You can get recognized via blogging only

It is true that many health coaches refer to blogging as the best way to show their expertise and gain more clients. But if you’re not the type who likes to write often, then this is not the end of the world. There are tons of other ways to place yourself in a desirable market online.

You can create your own page on social media so that you can reach a wider reach of clients. You can do live talks where you can share useful information with your viewers or evenpost engaging videos. By putting yourself out there, you can help people know of your services, your specialty, and what you have to offer.

It is not easy to be a successful health coach. You will face many challenges before you can make a name for yourself. But if you have a passion for learning, supporting, and helping others achieve healthier and more positive lifestyles, then health coaching can be the perfect career for you.