I watched the trending Gospel movie of the week “The Train: The Journey of Faith” last night and trust me it’s nothing like any other movie you have seen before. I mean, I have always loved Mount Zion Films and I am a big fan of their productions since childhood but this one had me in deep thoughts, tears and laughter all at the same time.

You should have been there to see how deep it was for me, because at one hand I was laughing at the funny scenes and mysterious acts of young Abayomi and at the other hand, I was battling down my emotions as to whether or not to let the tears that had gathered in my eyes freely flow out.

At certain points, I got up from my bed, picked up my journal, paused the movie and replayed most of the scenes just to write down some of the revelations and lessons caught while watching the movie.

It’s a MUST WATCH for everyone!

The Train is a biographical film of Mike Bamiloye, an Evangelist and the Founder of Mount Zion Film Productions also known as Mount Zion Faith Ministries International, a Christian based Drama Ministry and Productions in Nigeria.

The Train gives a biopic and detailed account of the early life of Mike Bamiloye (1964-1993) who regardless of the circumstances surrounding his background chose to fulfill God’s purpose for his life while trusting an unknown future to a known God.

The movie was written and produced by Damilola Mike-Bamiloye, directed by Yemi Adepoju and Isaac Femi-Akintunde. The sound effects and theme song for the movie was produced by Joshua Mike-Bamiloye featuring Lawrence Oyor.

The Mount Zion Film Productions biopic stars Seun Adejumobi, Omolara Ayoola, Tolulope Mike-Bamiloye and many others.


30 Lessons Worth Sharing From The Movie

1. God has a definite plan and an expected future for everyone. He knows you by name even before you were formed in your mother’s belly.

2. God can use anybody. He can change anybody. He can turn the life of anyone around. You should never look down on anyone or write them off.

3. Our lives are divinely orchestrated by God. Every step we take and every move we will make, he already knows.

4. God uses the least qualified people. You will not always look like it.

5. The whole of creation eagerly awaits the manifestations of the sons of God and sometimes, your life’s assignment may come as a burden laid on your heart to do, or as a problem seeking solutions and answers in the Kingdom.

6. Do not despise the days of your little beginings.

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7. God disciplines those he loves. When he takes you through the fire, it’s because he wants you to come forth as gold.

8. The journey of faith is not an easy one, it’s filled with challenges, turns and twists but if you trust in the one who knows the end from the begining, you will arrive safely.

9. When you run away from that which you have been called to do, you will never find fulfillment. In God’s purpose, there is always peace.

10. The foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of men.

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11. No one succeeds alone, you will need people.

12. When God sends you on an assignment, he sends you people that will accompany you on that assignment including the resources.

13. Not everyone will understand you, believe in you and support your vision from the onset, just keep doing what you are told to do.

14. If you put your trust in man, they will fail you. God is the only one that is dependable.

15. When God sends you, he backs you up and shows up for you when you least expect it.

16. Sometimes the answers we have been searching for can be cheaply gotten from the place of prayer.

17. Stop looking around for information and go to God for revelation.

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18. A praying wife is everything.

19. No one can believe in your vision more than yourself.

20. Just because people don’t understand your vision and what you are doing doesn’t mean it is nonsense.

21. You can’t be jobless when God employs you. He pays and rewards you for your obedience.

22. Your husband or wife will locate you when you are at the center of God’s will and fulfilling his purpose for your life.

23. When you marry the right person, the journey of faith becomes easier.


24. A man with vision will take you farther than your eyes can see.

25. “I don’t know the future but I know God and he knows the future”. -MAB Sometimes you have to be willing to risk it all for a vision only you can see.

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26. Nobody truly obeys God and end up in regret.

27. When you follow God’s vision for your life and uphold good morals while laying good examples for others, your children are most likely to follow suit.

28. When you have a great destiny, people will always find something to talk about you. Just face your front and mind your business.

29. Your family may not always support your vision but they will always have your back.

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30. The gift of a man will make room for him and bring him before great men.

Have you watched the movie? Can you relate with the personal lessons shared? I hope this movie inspires you to trust God on your faith journey, helps you go back to God for revelation and fulfill his divine assignment for your life just as you begin to take steps in obedience to his word.

Watch the movie below:


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