As a blogger, working from home is actually a very cool thing to do. It gives you the freedom to do anything you want including, spending time with your family and doing what you love to do gainfully.

I know several of us have been working from home for the past 2 to 3 months now, and it can be quite difficult and overwhelming for some, which was why I decided to share this blog post today.

If you’ve been struggling with staying productive as a blogger during this entire pandemic season, you might want to consider these helpful tips until life resumes backs to normal.

1. Create a dedicated workspace

Just because you don’t have an office space or can’t go to your office during this period doesn’t mean you can’t create an office space in your house especially if you don’t have one. Make sure you resist the urge to blog on your couch, try to have a specific space in your home where you consistently show up to work.

2. Write out your goals

As soon as you get up from the bed and you are ready to work on your blog, the first thing to do is to dive into your to-do list or set goals for the day.
This way, you have a great feel of your responsibilities and are energized to keep working until the set goal is achieved and realized.


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3. Set specific work hours

You can get so caught up in your activity while working from home especially if you are in a relaxing environment, that you lose complete track of time. Ensure you put a time limit to what you want to achieve for the day and manage it well.

4. Get rid of distractions

To get rid of distractions, you have to plan out your day ahead. Know what you will be working on ahead of time and prepare in advance.
Communicate with anyone who will be at home with you about the need for privacy. Mute all notifications from social media or turn off your phone. Starve your distractions, feed your focus.

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5. Stay connected online

The last thing you want to do as a blogger is to have a poor internet connection or run out of data. Don’t let that happen to you. Make sure you have a strong data connection or WiFi turned on always. Keep your phones close by and notification turned on to avoid missing out on opportunities and important emails.

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