Working from home has its advantages. You can drink a cup of coffee any time you want, there’s no need to drop the kids off at daycare, etc. But it has some drawbacks too, especially when you start to skip into a state of inertia or become so overly controlled with your daily habits and routines and begin to stress out when you miss something.

It could be the best time to take a step back and reevaluate your priorities.


Sometimes we don’t realize how unfit we are until we do a bit of exercise. It can be difficult to get inspired or motivated, knowing that it could only be for a short while until we begin to look and feel the way we desire.

Getting motivated is at least half the challenge. Some ideas include setting yourself a target, perhaps to lose a certain amount of weight, or to run a race in a certain time.

One of the best ways, however, is to invest in a fitness tracker. These neat devices wrap around your wrist can send you notifications about your progress as well as prompts to get you moving. It’s like having a personal trainer on your wrist. 


It’s easy to slip into inertia and feel totally uninspired. This can happen without you even knowing it. Perhaps you feel like something is missing but can’t quite put your finger on it. You might be stuck in a routine or a set of habits that you need to break free from. One way to change how you feel is to first of all change how you look.

Try changing your glasses, your hairstyle, or buying some new clothes, it’s easy to save on these items. Even some accessories such as rings and bangles. They can alter your consciousness and inspire you in unexpected ways. Don’t settle for the mundane things, go for bright colors that will help enhance your look and breathe freshness into your daily life. 

Healthy Eating 

Looking good and feeling good are two sides of the same coin. One affects the other. But if you were to consider which of the two is more important, most people would settle on the feel-good factor. That’s not surprising since feeling good also helps you look good depending on what you choose to wear.

Experiment with your diet but try to choose something that works for you, and that includes a balance of fresh vegetables and protein. To get the most out of your vegetables try not to overcook them, or even cook them at all. In most cases boiling greens reduces the nutrients and minerals. 


Wellness can mean all of the above, but it can also include the joyful practices of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. Regular practice of meditation and yoga can bring you out of your analytical overthinking, work-mode mindset, and into the vast world of living in the moment. Who doesn’t want more of that!

Punctuate your day with meditation and yoga then continue the blissful state with everyday mindfulness. This just means being aware of what you are doing at every moment, it will keep you feeling good and operating as your best self.