Breakfast can be the most important meal of the day, but fewer and fewer people are eating it. According to a recent survey, only 13 percent of respondents said they had the time or the inclination to eat breakfast. And this decrease is quite understandable. Mornings tend to be extremely hectic, especially if you’re getting ready for work, making sure your kids can go to school, and attending any number of chores.

This is why it’s essential to make brunch as enticing as possible. Loosely defined as a meal halfway between breakfast and lunch, brunch has garnered a reputation for being a meal for fancy people. Although you can dress it up if you want to, there’s no doubt brunch can be a delicious and nutritious affair.

The following menu ideas cover different types of brunches, from savory-flavored meals to a sweeter alternative, and even a vegan option.

Savory Brunch Bundle

According to the poll mentioned above, savory brunches and breakfasts give you an energy boost late in the morning, usually before lunch, and cause lethargy in the middle of the afternoon. This brunch recipe is perfect if you prefer savory flavors.

The main course: Vegetable frittatas. Choose a selection of crispy, tasty vegetables such as white onions, green bell peppers, and mushrooms. Slice them thinly and arrange them evenly in a cast-iron skillet. Make sure the skillet has been well-oiled, either with olive oil or butter. Sauté the vegetables for a few minutes before pouring the whisked eggs on top. Transfer the skillet to an oven and bake until set.

Accompaniments: This crispy vegetable frittata will taste well with a rasher of crispy bacon on the side. For drinks, you can go with fresh orange juice or sparkling water infused with fruit flavors.

Sweet and Strawberry Brunch

Sweets are usually associated with desserts, but breakfasts and brunches are perfect meals to explore a sweet palette. These menus will give you a significant energy boost before noon but will cause a crash early in the afternoon.

The main course: Strawberry and banana pancakes. Mash two to three bananas with a fork and set aside. Wash two dozen strawberries and dice them carefully. Stir the mashed bananas with either a homemade pancake recipe or a grocery-bought mixture. Add the diced strawberries and cook the pancakes. Sprinkle them with powdered sugar before serving.

Accompaniments: For sides, serve a tropical fruit mix with chopped mangoes, sliced kiwis, apple cubes, and pineapple bits. Wash it down with a cup of coffee.

Tasty Vegan Brunch

Surveys indicate that there are more than 1.6 million vegans in the United States. But even if you aren’t vegan, the diet and lifestyle can convey certain benefits, thanks to its focus on vegetables and fiber. The following menu idea will cater to all flavor preferences, regardless of whether you’re practicing veganism.

The main course: Tofu scramble. Make this delicious scrambled egg recipe without eggs. Dice onions and green bell peppers and set aside. Press a block of tofu to remove excess fluid and slice it into cubes. Use a fork to crumble the tofu and fry in vegetable oil, along with the onions and peppers. Flavor with chili, garlic powder, and color with a little turmeric for that eggy-yellow hue.

Accompaniments: Spread some non-dairy butter of slices of whole-wheat vegan bread and toast them for a perfect side dish to your tofu scramble. Serve with sangria, made by mixing red wine, orange and lemon juice with a hint of brown sugar.

You might not have time to make breakfast, but you can indulge yourself and cook a nutritious meal with these brunch menu ideas.