Ready to study the Bible for yourself and make it become a delight to you? Then this 6 simple step process will help you study the Bible in more effective and enjoyable ways.

One of the greatest pursuits of my life is to get to know and understand God better. And the best way I have come to know in actualizing that is to make the Bible a reference point and life manual for everything we do in life.

I was having my personal Bible study this morning and after my devotion, I shared some of the things I was reading on my status. Later on, I got to discover that there are a whole lot of people out there who struggle to study their Bible. ⁣

Some either as a result of time, stress, work, laziness, procrastination, and maybe you just don’t find reading the passages of the Bible as interesting as you may want it to be. ⁣

Kindly take note, if you aim to read a few pages of the Bible just to keep your records straight and because you don’t want to miss out on a devotional guide, you will keep struggling.

Effective understanding of the Bible calls for the effective study of the Bible. It’s not a gimmick or a logical reasoning thing. It’s a spiritual enlightenment thing and a deep spiritual connection with the one who inspired every word.

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If you can’t connect to the spirit behind it, you will miss the correct interpretation of the scriptures. If reading your Bible is a constant struggle for you, then you probably lack the understanding of the word written thereof. So first, I will advise that all you’re getting, you strive to get understanding instead of striving to acquire knowledge.

Talk to God About It

Express your deep feelings to him, trust me he loves it when you pray to him in conversational forms. I do it a lot. I just tell him everything, pour out my mind to him and sometimes, I cry when doing that. No hard feeling, just me being real with him and shameless enough to ask for his help because I can’t do it myself.

Ask the Holy Spirit for Interpretation and Understanding

Remember the scripture that says, there is a spirit in man and the breath of the Almighty gives it understanding? Yep! That’s the secret to understanding the scriptures. His breath in you is the spirit of God resides on your inside. The Holy Spirit is the best interpreter ever and if you invite him and ask him to be your teacher, he will teach you.

Get a Simpler or Easy to Read Version of the Bible

If you want the word of God to truly become a delight to you, make sure the Bible you are studying in is in a simplified version. Get several versions, use a concordance if that would help. Find out what works best for you.

I won’t advise that you do your Bible Study with a KJV if you are a beginner. I have a KJV and NKJV, but I keep them for a deeper understanding of the word, church and reference purposes. For personal Bible study, I make use of the GNT version, NLT, and sometimes AMP version.

Get Highlighters to Illustrate Your Experience with the Word

I do a lot of color highlights in my Bible. Lol! I make comments, add a question mark, underline almost every word that resonates with me, and sometimes make exclamation marks on what I find fascinating or deep. You may want to get an Illustrator that helps you do that better. An illustrator gives you extra spaces by the side of your Bible to make drawings, add comments, or illustrate your experience with the word.


Keep a Journal

I have journals of every Chapter of the Bible that I study. I write down what I learnt from each chapter, what God makes me understand from the passage, the revelation I got from my understanding, and prayer points gotten from the passage that I would love to pray in my life or interceed about.

Get on a Bible Study Plan or Get a Devotional Guide

Get a Bible study devotional or follow a Bible study plan if you are the busy type. What I have come to discover is that studying the Bible with the help of a devotional or plan keeps you kind of disciplined and puts a structure in place for your easy access.

If you do all these coupled with the advantage of the Holy Spirit, trust me reading the Bible becomes more fun and a delight other than a struggle.

What are your methods for studying the Bible effectively? Share with us and let me know if you find these most helpful.

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