To balance your studies, work, and personal life at the same time can be challenging. Although studying while working has gradually become commonplace for most students, it can also put excess stress on a person when not done correctly. Whatever the reason you need to study and work simultaneously, you’ll need a plan to overcome the hardships.

Although the thought of balancing studies, work, and personal life can be overwhelming, it is doable with some self-discipline and thorough planning.

Prioritize and Be Realistic

The first step to balancing your study, work, and personal life is understanding what you can handle realistically. Be honest with yourself and know that you don’t have all the time to do everything. So, decide on your priorities and accept that something will need to change.

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Create a Flexible Schedule

Although having flexible schedules is ideal, it’s vital to understand and accept that some parts of your daily schedule will be fixed, especially in class times and workdays. However, it’s best to take advantage of work leaves, job sharing, and flexible working times to do your homework and other school-related tasks. You can do this by building a flexible routine and sticking with it.


It’s crucial to communicate your busy schedules to your employers, clients, professors, friends, and family. Doing this helps ensure that the people around you know where and when you’re available.

For instance, to allow yourself to study efficiently, you need the time to go through your classwork thoroughly-and letting people around you know about your school schedules prevents them from interfering.

Remember, not all people you live with or worth with understand the hardships of being a student, and not all your peers will understand the responsibilities of having a job. That’s why it’s best to communicate beforehand.

Avoid Multitasking and Distractions

Although most people find it better to multitask, living life this way can lead to frequent burnouts and leave you taking up more time to finish specific projects or tasks-making it an overall lousy way to life. That’s why the best way to approach things, whether it’s for your school or job, is finishing it one at a time and moving on to another one. Remember that it’s okay to take breaks. After all, you wouldn’t want to drain out all your energy.

Remember that it's okay to take breaks. After all, you wouldn't want to drain out all your energy. Click To Tweet

Besides multitasking, another thing you need to avoid is getting distracted. In today’s digital age, most get easily distracted by using social media platforms or constantly checking their smartphones. These can distract you from studying and working, taking more time to complete projects and tasks. That’s why don’t succumb to the distractions and focus on completing one task to another.

Take Care Of Your Health

Among your hectic schedules, work deadlines, and school exams, don’t forget to take care of yourself. A balanced diet is crucial for working students, mainly during exams, since they take up a lot of energy. However, besides that, remember to take care of yourself mentally as well. After all, a functioning mind is vital to one’s progress and ultimate success.

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Learn How to Manage Stress

Stress is inevitable when you’re studying, working, and living life at the same time. That’s why instead of denying you’re stressed or altogether avoiding the feeling, learn how to manage it. Whether it’s getting more rest, taking regular breaks, or being more physically active-all these can help tone down your stress levels. Allow yourself to enjoy doing what you love once in a while. Otherwise, you may forget what you’re studying and working for in the first place.

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Be Organized and Have a Plan

Finally, to balance work, study, and personal life, you need to be organized in all matters. You can do this by keeping your study materials placed in one location, making it easy for you to find them while having a calendar with all your school and work deadlines. Doing this gives you a chance to do what’s necessary to catch up.

A working student’s life can be hectic and all-around busy as they need to manage their studies, part-time jobs, and personal life. Still, it is doable, and the right advice on how to balance studies, work, and personal life can help you get through anything.

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