If you are a woman, then you know how different it feels during your ovulation period or when you are about to step into the phase of becoming a mother. A parenthood routine is demanding, you will have days of joy and glum all mingled together. But having your own baby in your hands wrapped with all the love and warmth is a feeling that cannot be described with mere words. Nothing can really justify that feeling, right? But how do you know if you are pregnant without taking the hassle of multiple doctor visits? What is the right time for ovulation? Well, we will tell you how you can simply check what’s going inside your body and you don’t even have to step out for that.

With the help of an ovulation kit for pregnancy, you can keep a tab on what’s going to happen and when! So, here is all the information that you may need!

Step By Step Guide – Ovulation Kit For Pregnancy

 Is Ovulation Kit Helpful? What Are the Ovulation Kit Benefits?

A women’s menstrual cycle typically stands for 28 days, and the peak time for a baby is definitely 14 days before and after that. So, if you are trying to conceive a baby for some time, then knowing the most fertile days can prove to be helpful. With that information, you can plan your intercourse and welcome the good news home!

You can track your ovulation with the help of an application and a home test kit. The ovulation kits also work in the same manner as the pregnancy kits often with darker lines or smileys. The only difference between the pregnancy kits and the ovulation kits is the hormone level they check, HCG and LH respectively. The increase in the Luteinizing Hormone depicts that your ovulation period will reach its highest point in the next 36-48 hours.

When Is the Right Time to Use the Ovulation Kit?

The best time to start using the ovulation kit is 10 days after your menstruation period ends. You can club your application with the ovulation testing kit and track the dates accordingly if you have a shorter or longer cycle. Although home test kit results are always 99% reliable, and that 1% can make all the difference. The spermatozoa might not reach the egg or the egg couldn’t travel through the fallopian tube or maybe something was wrong with your diet. But, if you still want a fair idea in the middle of your cycle, you can always pick up a kit and try it out.

How to Use Ovulation Kits at Home?


You must be wondering how an ovulation kit works. All the brands of ovulation kit test(s) come in different directions. Although they are not too different, it is best to refer to the instruction manual once you buy the kit. Typically, the ovulation kit will contain strips that you have to dip in your urine for multiple days till you reach the highest LH level. You just need to make sure that you take your test at the same time each day when using a home test kit.  

What Ovulation Kit Is the Best?

You have to consider multiple factors before you go and buy an ovulation kit. If you are trying to avoid pregnancy, then you can simply go for a cheaper test kit. You should always look for a brand that is approved by the drug standards and provides the most accurate results. Along with that, you must always keep your budget in check and for that, the market has a lot of options that you can choose from. The expensive strips always come with ease of readability and reliability at the same time. Lastly, you can get the best reviews from the people who have used a particular brand and have received positive results. So, call your friend, right away!

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Is an ovulation kit helpful? Absolutely. If you want to get a piece of almost accurate information about your ovulation days and increase your chances of pregnancy, then using a kit should be your first choice. At the same time, you should always consult your doctor before you assume anything because at times, just like pregnancy kits, even ovulation kits can give you a false-positive result. We hope that this article will help you to rethink your entire process of pregnancy so that you can always plan it in a systematic way.

Share your experience about that one time you used an ovulation kit with us and the other readers in the comment section below!

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