On a mission to help people live a meaningful and productive life.

Hi there! My name is Naomi, a Purposeful Woman, Creative Professional, Author, Speaker, Founder and CEO of Valoor.

About Me

I am a goal-oriented individual with a pleasant personality and tenacity that has no restrictions. I work with global brands, small businesses, and organizations to develop marketing campaigns and communication strategies that improve their brand identity and positioning, brand perception and reputation.

I have gained experience over the years guiding and helping creatives build influence with their publishing platforms via blogs and websites. My skills and experience cuts across the Marketing and Communications industry offering services ranging from Creative Writing, Content Development, Digital Marketing, Blogging, Advertising, and Brand Management.

Considered result-driven, focused, resilient, and a valuable addition to any team. I am keenly passionate about capacity building for young leaders while working with visionary executives. My drive, determination, and commitment to self-development over the years have inspired several young minds to personal and professional growth.

I have since continued on my personal journey towards inspiring, educating, empowering, transforming lives through the kind of content that I create, and the work that I do providing valuable information for growth and success drawn from my faith, personal life experiences, and expertise.

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